IMAYO Quality

Our starting point, and what continues to drive us, is the desire to enrich peoples' lives with jewelry of true authenticity.
It all begins with an appreciation of the treasures bestowed on us by Mother Nature. We then utilize our globe-spanning network, experience, and discerning eye to carefully select gems that meet our quality standards. In order to best accentuate the beauty of the gems, we combine the aesthetic sensibilities of Kyoto's traditional culture with an understanding of modern fashion trends for product planning and design.
Finally, we breathe life into our products and inject them with an artisan's spirit. Our craftspeople are driven by the desire to create jewelry that will last 100 years. With respect for the exquisite craftsmanship that began with one man, we readily adopt the latest technologies while never forgetting to imbue our jewelry with the warmth of handmade products. The smiles on our customers' faces when they first see our jewelry are what drives us to put our all into our work. We are committed to creating jewelry of true authenticity that will last for 100 years, timeless heirlooms to be handed down and treasured from generation to generation.