An emphasis on Jade

Many of the plays performed during the Muromachi period featured items made from jade, a stone that has been adorning women since ancient times. The third Yohei Imanishi fought to make the enchantment of jade accessible to the women of his time. His important contribution to the popularization of jade is mentioned in the book 100 Years of Gemstones: A Historical Record of the Precious Metal and Gemstone Industry (published in 1966), housed in the National Diet Library, on the page listing notable figures in the coral and jade industry.

Jade has a long history, and in Japan, numerous jade beads have been found in tombs dating back to the Jomon period (c.10,000-300 BC). Adored for its elegant glow and subdued hues, which complement Japanese skin tones, it has long been used for practical and ornamental purposes.

From the jade treasured for generations, Imayo has selected only that with the best color, luster, and transparency to create kagayoi: Hanamidori. This collection evokes Japanese rock gardens, with diamonds and white jade made to look like rippled sand and jade beads resembling plants.

The jade carefully collected by previous generations is now an incredibly rare, valuable stone. Admired for its ornamental properties since ancient times, our contemporary designers have transformed jade into sophisticated modern jewelry for the world.

kagayoi: Hanamidori Collection