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1. Copyright
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(2) If doing so for individual personal use, customers may download, save to their personal computer or print out data from this website. However, it is forbidden by copyright law to transfer the data to another website or printed matter, etc.
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2. Trademarks, etc.
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The use of these items without permission from Imayo is prohibited by Trademark Law, except in cases permitted by the Trademark Law, or other laws.
3. Links
In principle you are free to link to the top page or any other page of this website. However, please notify us of the address of the page containing the link. (E-mail :
In addition, depending upon the method of the link, or the contents of the page it is contained on, we may refuse the link or ask you to amend it.
*When linking to the site, please include expressions or notes to clarify that it is a link to the "Imayo Website."
*We may change the URL of each page on this website. No notification of the change will be given to the persons linking to this site.
4. Changes in terms of use
We may change the contents of this site policy as necessary, without any prior notification.
5. Cautions
No guarantee is given for this website and no responsibility will be taken for any errors in the contents or any trouble between the customer and a third party concerning its use.