An emphasis on diamond

Imayo has expanded after restarting as a wholesaler of diamonds during the period of confusion after the Second World War, and over the years has built up relationships of trust with vendors overseas. Buying directly overseas has the benefit of enabling us to select the best diamonds from a wide choice of all sizes, shapes and colors. It also means that sometimes we are lucky enough to find real bargains items.

We regularly visit the four major diamond trading centers in the world, at Antwerp (Belgium), Tel Aviv (Israel), Mumbai (India) and New York (USA), and are very particular in our buying, only choosing the items that clear Imayo's own "Diamond Selection Standards." Imayo is very proud of the "connoisseur judgment" of our highly-experienced veteran buyers.

It is a backbreaking task to check every stone with a loupe, from the large stones down to the small ones, called "melee." However, as we are particular about the brilliance of the diamonds, this work is always essential. As the buyer looks into the loupe, the first thing they check is the luster of the surface of the diamond itself, which is the source for the diamond's glistening brilliance. Next, they check the so-called 4Cs (carat, clarity, color, cut), and of these, we consider the cut to be the most important. We only choose the items that have been cut in a way that makes them look bigger, ones that have a symmetry and balance which will capture the light, and ones with a beautiful final polish. These are examples of the "Diamond Selection Standards" that Imayo's "connoisseur" buyers adhere to.

We are sure that you will understand the special brilliance of our diamonds when you handle and examine them directly. Imayo's diamonds are sent out to the customers with the confidence of our "connoisseurs."