Inspired by Kyoto

Kyoto served as Japan's capital for 1,200 years. With sensibilities refined over centuries and a rich traditional culture, innovation continues to breathe life into the city and it is constantly evolving. From our base in Kyoto, we deliver jewelry of true authenticity whose beauty won't fade over time--jewelry made to be passed on from generation to generation--to customers in Japan and around the world.

160 years of beauty

Since our earliest days as a fancy goods store, for generations we have pursued our mission of helping women to shine brightly and beautifully. Starting with combs, ornate hairpins, and sash ties designed to be worn with kimonos, with the advance of westernization during the Meiji period we began to import jade, coral, diamonds and other precious stones from overseas. In response to changing times and trends, we developed jewelry to complement Western-style clothing, and today we continue to pioneer new jewelry designs on a global stage.

The beauty of Kyoto

Surrounded by natural beauty and scenery that is transformed by each change of season, Kyoto's sense of aesthetics has been shaped by its long history. Combining Kyoto's refined aesthetics with modern sensibilities, our designers create completely new concepts in jewelry. Through collaboration with top artisans and artists, we continue our pursuit of beauty with boundless imagination.

Jewelry that will last 100 years

Imayo's first head jeweler famously said that we were creating "jewelry made to last 100 years." Adopting the latest technologies while imbuing our jewelry with the warmth of handmade craftsmanship, we refine our traditional techniques and put our heart into each and every one of our pieces. Our aim is superb quality that will be loved for generations and be passed from parent to child to grandchild. Imayo jewelry is the product of our artisans' passion and expert techniques.

The spirit of hospitality

We plan events that allow participants to experience for themselves our guiding principle of "o-mo-shi-ro-no-ha-na-za-ka-ri" ("the allure of blooming flowers") with all five senses. With our deep roots in Kyoto, Imayo provides a special place and the perfect time for customers to indulge in the city's traditional culture and rich seasonal beauty.
Our desire is to create the opportunity for customers to experience a sense of absolute luxury. This is Imayo's spirit of hospitality.