Company Philosophy


o-mo-shi-ro-no-ha-na-za-ka-ri o-mo-shi-ro-no-ha-na-za-ka-ri

This phrase is a "fucho" code that was used at Imayo from its foundation to before the war. It is a code for numbers that was developed for use within the company, with the numbers from 0 to 9 being replaced with characters, so that 1 is "o," 2 is "mo," etc. Our predecessors chose this phrase "o-mo-shi-ro-no-ha-na-za-ka-ri" to be their "fucho" code, one of the basic items of business.

The "o-mo-shi-ro" comes from "omoshiroshi," which is "omo" - meaning "before our eyes," and "shiro" - meaning "bright and clear." It came to mean a state where the scene in front of our eyes has got brighter, or the beautiful scene that is before our eyes. It also has the meanings of "fun," "elegant" and "refined.

"o-mo-shi-ro-no-ha-na-za-ka-ri" is exactly the basic policy for our line-up of products. We want to be able to offer you a full range of fun items, elegant items and interesting items. Having a line-up of many interesting items makes the shop attractive like a flower in full bloom. That will certainly be conveyed to the customers, enabling them to experience a certain spiritual happiness.
It may well be that things alone are not going to be sufficient in the years to come. We may also need to create interesting spaces, or interesting matters. What is considered "interesting" will also change from era to era.

At Imayo, we will continue to pay careful attention to the customers' hearts and minds, and the changes in the times, and simply keep aiming for the "o-mo-shi-ro-no-ha-na-za-ka-ri" as we go on into the future.

As we mark 150 years since the foundation of our company, whilst we at Imayo respect the history the company has so far, we have renewed our corporate design, symbols and emblems, in order to open up further possibilities for the future.




By using vertical lettering we are symbolizing the traditions and Japanese culture of Kyoto, which have connected Imayo's history together so far, and also by using the alphabet we show our wish to be "jewelry that is loved around the world."
In the silhouette, which reminds us of a person standing, we showed our feeling that "we want to cherish the relationships between people which are based on true communication and unchanging connections." The overall design is a well-balanced and harmonious symmetrical design.


SHINING HERITAGE 今に、未来に、輝きを与える

We chose "SHINING" to show that we will be even more particular about "brilliance" than we have been so far, and "HERITAGE" (assets) to mean that we will place more importance on the value of jewelry "assets" that get passed on sentimentally over the generations.
The phrase "providing brilliance - for now and forever" incorporates the company name, as the Japanese character used as "IMA" means "now," and the "YO" is a character which includes the meaning "provide." This describes one of our principles, that "Imayo will continue to provide an unchanging brilliance, both now and in the future."


今与 1861 KYOTO

We have used the "IMA" character from Imayo and the image of a customer coming in under the shop's entrance-way curtains. This expresses a cultural trait characteristic of Kyoto, the 150 year history of Imayo, and also our wish to become "a shop that everybody wants to come and have a peek at."
It is also a smiling human face, expressing Imayo's desire to "cherish the connections between people."