Message from the Chairman & President Message from the Chairman & President

Imayo Co., Ltd. Chairman & President Nobutaka Imanishi
Imayo Co., Ltd.
Chairman & President
Nobutaka Imanishi

Since our foundation, we have consistently been particular about genuine ornaments. Although our main products have shifted from being fancy goods such as combs and hairpins to being diamond rings and necklaces, the desire to create spiritual happiness with genuine ornaments has been unchanged throughout.

When I was young, my predecessors always used to tell me something. They said, "People do not walk around outside naked, not now or in primitive times. People instinctively want to decorate themselves, and will never find spiritual happiness without first putting their personal appearance in order." In this lies the point of origin of our foundation.

There is one other thing we are always careful not to forget. That is to be "sincere." When customers look at our products, they are nearly always placing some emotional significance on them. Sometimes it will be a treat for themselves, and sometimes a special present, and it is because it is an item with special emotional significance, and also one that will last forever, that the relationship of trust between ourselves and the customer is especially important.

The diamonds we handle are a precious gift from nature. Millions of years have gone into the breathtaking beauty of their brilliance, and this is not something that we humans could ever possibly hope to produce, even if we put our whole lifetime into it. We must continue to be grateful for coming into contact with each and every one of these diamonds, and continue to work hard to be able to produce products that show the sincerity in our hearts.

For 20 years we have adopted the slogan "MIND JEWELRY that resounds in your heart" as our corporate identity. The slogan has helped us to remember what we are striving for, and has played an important role in us communicating this. However, in recent years, I have felt the need for communication which exceeds the boundaries of the jewelry business.

For that reason, as we mark 150 years since our foundation, we have announced a new corporate emblem and corporate symbol, and also given "Shining Heritage - Providing brilliance for now and forever" as our corporate tag line. We will place even more importance than we have up until now on communication with you all, and would like to send out the message of what we strive for.

Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you all, for it is only because of you that we have been able to survive these 160 years since our foundation.
I intend to continue to strive on sincerely, and to remain particular about producing genuine jewelry. I ask for your continued support and custom.

Nobutaka Imanishi